This new book published in December 2020, is by Dr. Silvia Goldbaum Tarabini Fracapane, who participated in our launch of the virtual exhibit.

“Based on never previously explored personal accounts and archival documentation, this book examines life and death in the Theresienstadt ghetto, seen through the eyes of the Jewish victims from Denmark.”

Table of Contents

1. The Jews in Denmark on the Eve of the ‘Judenaktion

2. The ‘Judenaktion

3. Ghetto Theresienstadt and the Arrival of the Danish Transports

4. Housing and Work for Adults and Children

5. Relationships Inside and Outside the National Group

6. Everyday Life

7. Despair, Disease and Death

8. Shipments of Parcels

9. Danish Parcels Seen from the Ghetto

10. The Visit of the International Delegation, June 23, 1944

11. After the Visit

12. Witnessing the Transports

13. The Last Months in Theresienstadt

14. Life After the Ghetto